Original Cajun Squirrel Dog Registry
Original Cajun Squirrel Dog

History and Use:
Robert Kemmer of Crossville, Tennessee, and Calvin Boutee of St. Martinville, Louisiana, started the Original Cajun Squirrel Dogs in the late 1980s. They are linebred feist and cur crosses.

Carlton Savoy of St. Amant, Louisiana, was so impressed with these dogs that he acquired all of Boutee's stock as the foundation for his own breeding program. Kemmer and Boutee continued to provide their advice on planning breeding. Original Cajun Squirrel Dog foundation stock consisted of five Mullins Feist, one Mountain Treeing Feist, three Kemmer Feists, and six Kemmer Stock Mountain Curs. Today, individuals may be more or less related to the particular foundation breed. Pedigrees were maintained beginning in 1985, and the Original Cajun Squirrel Dog Registry was founded in 1996. They may be cross-registered as Mullins Stock Feists if they are sufficiently related to the Mullins Feist.

They are specialists at hunting squirrel. Some tree raccoons in addition to squirrel; others show no interest in raccoons.

Hunting Style and Disposition:
Original Cajun Squirrel Dogs are easily trained because of their natural treeing ability and are easy broken from chasing non-target game. They use their eyes, ears, and noses to located squirrels. Many are silent while trailing squirrels but are semi-vocal while trailing larger game.

Physical Description:
Size: No restrictions, but generally 20-35 pounds and 16-19 inches.
Coat: Coat is short. Color is red, yellow, white and red, brindle or a mix.
Body: Body is keen.
Legs: Legs appear to be long in relation to the body.
Tail: Tail may be natural bobtails or docked.

Many people call Original Cajun Squirrel Dogs, Kemmer Hybrids. They all started out as Original Cajun Squirrel Dogs and will always be a Original Cajun Squirrel Dog no matter what they are called today.

For a Registration Application contact thedogregistry@yahoo.com.

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